UPDATE: I will be out of the office until October 1st. I am now taking reservations in advance for fall and winter of 2017.


Please make sure that you read and fully comply with the Etiquette page before submitting a request for an appointment. 

Your appointment request form is an important and sacred piece in the design and of co-creating a symbiotic relationship together.

As an Empath, I am very selective of whom I share energy with and chose to engage exclusively with clients that are kind, respectful and conscious.

I appreciate connection and hold a safe, heart centered, and non judgemental container for all beings.

Although same day appointments are sometimes available, I generally am booked out days and sometimes weeks in advance, so please check my online calendar and plan your visit accordingly. 

Thank you for your interest. I'm honored that you have choosen me to be in service to your healing path and acknowledge that you are equally a part of my own.


Online Form:

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The above form is confidential and I never share your private information.