Exceptional. Absolutlely the greatest.

"I know and have used perhaps 100+ massage therapists; many of which i consider extremely talented. Kristina at Pura Vida is hands down the best I have ever used. The ambiance is very healing, her energy is magnificent, and her technique is incredible. She is the "Cirque du Soleil" of massage therapists!"

Gifted Healer!

"Over the last couple years I've been looking for a massage therapist who truly heals, and I found her! A great experience; from the atmosphere to the music to her technique, she really knows what she's doing and Kristina is just a joy. Highly recommending Pura Vida! A truly 'transcendental' experience."

kristina is amazing

"Kristina is simply amazing. You can tell that she really sincerely has a deep and profound belief in the healing work that she does. There's no one quite like her."

What a great experience! Gifted massage therapist

"It took a while to get scheduled, but it sure was worth the wait!! Best massage of my life. Just the right combination of significant, deep pressure when and where I needed it, and gentle fluid touch in between. Definitely plan to go back. The entire environment, the soft lighting, fragrance, music, felt gentle and healing. It was also very private and not rushed. Highly recommended!"

Well beyond a common massage! Magical Place!

"Pura Vida is an intimate massage studio in Atlanta. I found Kristina like all good things, by lucky chance! We met through business. I Have gotten massages semi-regularly for many years and have gone through spurts where I was consistent with them but then always felt like while they relaxed me - they were not really changing my "back situation."

Many times I felt like the pressure was too light, too deep, always I was wishing they would change something a bit. I would try to ask them to do whatever it was I felt I needed but it seemed that there was a bit of a communication breakdown so not fulfilled.

When I first met Kristina at Pura Vida I was essentially giving massage another chance because I liked her as a person & thought, "why not?" I began chattering to her during my first massage & she politely informed me that she would need to "check out" meaning she needed to concentrate on what she was doing. She then began the best massage experience of my life!

I take immense pride in what I do and it was SUCH an incredible feeling to be in the hands of someone who gave it her all. One minute there was kneading, then she was walking on my back w the help of bars above the table, then hot stones. All at the right pressure, in the right places as if she intuitively knows what your body needs to heal and de-stress. It is incredible! My boyfriend got me a massage at a well-known spa/winery and I was like, "why??" "I told you only Kristina ever again!" PuraVida=Magical place!"

All of the great reviews are true!

"After reading all of these reviews, I have to agree. Most massage therapists talk about how tranquil and relaxed you'll feel and how in touch they are with what your body needs. Kristina is someone who means exactly what she says. She truly cares about what she is doing and how she is giving in her massage. I got a one hour appointment. For the first time in my life in a massage, I truly "Went someplace else". She does things no one has every done. Since I was in and out of consciousness, I don't even know what she was doing half of the time. All I know is that I was put in the most relaxed state I have ever been. My body felt amazing during and after. I will be back on a regular basis. I will most likely do 90 minutes!"


"I have been seeing Kristina now for several years. She is by far the best Therapist / Healer I have ever seen. She is also the most intuitive person I have ever seen. I do not know how to put into words the experiences I have had. She has helped my physical and spiritual well being. When receiving massage from Kristina, I have had amazing experiences both in the mind and certainly in the world of relaxation. I honestly believe that she is better than any doctor I have been to as the results are instant and longer lasting. I would recommend Kristina in a heartbeat. I willing to bet you will too after a session."

The best ever!

"Kristina will spoil you. Everyone else will be a disappointment. I've been going to Kristina for years and it is never the same old massage. There is always a new twist she has learned."

Heaven on Earth

"I get a massage regularly. And by far this is the best of the best. Every friend I have swears their masseuse is better, until I give them a gift certificate for a massage with Kristina. Then they have to figure out a way to leave their second best provider and start going to Pure Vida."

What would I do without her ??

"Pura Vida is my once a week treat to myself. I have been going to Kristina for quite a few years now. I am not sure what I would do without her. I am in front of a computer all day, & I also have some genetic issues passed down, Kristina is helping me to combat some of these issues. I would greatly recommend Pura Vida studio. I agree, it is like a little slice of heaven!!! Thank you Kristina !!"

Cure your nagging pains

"Kristina is a great massage therapist. She can provide deep strong pressure when it is needed, and really understands how to work your body to loosen up any tightness and relieve those aches from over exertion. I fly a lot, which results in a lot of neck & lower back agony. She is able to relax those areas in a session, and if you go regularly she will keep you feeling great."

Magical Massage

"This is truly a magial experience. Kristina in so in touch with her spirituality you can feel it the moment you walk into her studio. The range of treatments she provides are unlike any other I have ever seen. She is a work of art and your body becomes her canvas!"

Definitely not a "Spa"

"I have several therapists that I see (close to work, close to home, close to mtn cabin)on a regular basis. Kristina is my "close to work" therapist. She is fantastic. Take everything that you don't like about a spa (methodical, impersonal, rushed, etc., etc.) and Kristina sets an ambience that is exactly the opposite. It is obvious that she is a massage therapist by choice and this is her life. She takes great care to seek out the problem areas and work out the knots. 90 minutes with Kristina and I am a revived person instead of a stressed out corporate stiff."

Kristina is amazing!

"Kristina's massage skills are very unique. She has helped me a great deal and I have never felt better. Her massage and her energy are magic! Thanks Kristina!"

Professional, Intuitive, Healing & Comprehensive!

"This was the absolute best massage I have received in the 13 years I have lived in Atlanta. Exceptional service and level of experience. A truly refreshing and professional experience."

Best Massage!

"I have been going to Kristina for many years and she has improved my life in many ways! She offers a very therapeutic massage that relieves not only tension and aches but also an emotional release. She has been relieving stress in my life for a long time and I would never go to anyone else! Go see her, you will NOT be disappointed!"

All I can say is WOW!

"I regularly receive massage therapy for a number of reasons including stress relief, improved health and several medical conditions and Kristina has helped me tremendously with all of the above. Her approach is absolutely the best I have ever experienced. She adapts her style to specifically treat clients' needs in a way i have never seen before. It has to be felt to understand! Muscles feel better immediately and even serious health problems rapidly improved under Kristina's customized treatment plan. FANTASTIC!"